A. front squat heavy triple in 10 min; then 2×3 @ 90%
B. jerk heavy single
6 sets;
C1. TnG clean; full x 5 reps; build from 65%; rest 90 sec
C2. Max Effort set of unbroken c2b pullups; rest 90 sec
4 sets;
row 500m @ hard pace
– rest 6 min bet sets


A. build to heavy single; bottoms up F.S.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2wRYhHw5x0
may use low pins in squat rack if blocks not accessible
B. snatch; build to heavy single
C. emom 12 min
odd; 4-6 strict hspu
even; wtd pullup x 3 reps; heavy
D. emom 12 min;
odd; strict press x 4 reps; heavy
even; rope pullup x 3 reps/ arm; opposite hand at elbow height
8 min amrap;
30 power cleans 205/135; must be done in triples and double; no more, no less
amrap bar muscle ups remaining time


A. back squat; heavy double + chains in 10 min; then 2×2 @ 90%
B. 5 sets; clean + 2 front squat + jerk + 2 back squat + jerk; build from 75%; rest as needed
5 sets for times;
for 500m
12 wall ball; 20/14
12 t2b
50 dubs
– rest 3 min bet sets




5 sets;
A1. 2 snatch; TnG; + 2 Snatch Bal + 2 OHS; building heavy; rest 90 sec
A2. 2-3 muscle ups; rest 90 sec
20 c2b
20 bar facing burpees
20 OHS 135/95

– rest as needed

4 sets; every 3 min; row 35 sec as hard as you possibly can


A. clean and jerk; heavy single
for time
50 t2b
40 BJO; 24/20″
30 DL 225/155
10 thrusters 135/95

– rest as needed

10 min row for max meters

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